Tuesday, October 6, 2009

fishing boat (max. 8person)


For the price you pay for fishing and carrying goods. The tracker 20 is the best of its kind and

Length: 6.1m
Width: 2.1m
Approx Weight: 420 kg
Recommended Horse Power: 15Hp to 70Hp
Capacity: 8 persons

1. Gelcoated hull with padded longitudinal stringers
2. Sub deck structure assembly with PU foam filled
3. Floorboard assembly with PU splatter coating and antiskid surface
4. Stern floorboard well with PVC drain plug
5. Stern laminated bench seat assembly
6. Bow FRP anchor line compartment assembly with rear opening and laminated cross bar
7. Molded gunwale assembly with aluminium L-bar fenders
8. Transom assembly with aluminum L-bar and cooper drain plug
9. 4 sets Varnished bench seat assembly
10. Battery bracket assembly with SST eye clips
11. 1 set Explorer decal
12. 1 set boat serial number plate

1. 1 set Antifouling
2. 1 set Aluminum transom slip
3. 1 set U-bolt
4. 4 set 90¢ª PVC Laminated rod holder
5. 2 set 60¢ª PVC laminated rod holder at transom
6. 1 set Stainless steel collapsible canopy with PU canvas cloth
7. 1 set Stainless steel hand railing c/w tubing & fitting
8. 1 set Console box c/w mechanical steering system
9. 1 set Hand railing and windscreen at console
10. 4 sets Under storage box seat with portable cushion and FRP cover assembly
11. 1 set Life bait well
13. 1 set Motorwell assembly
14. 1 set Bilge pump system


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